The Life and Times…

Memoirs of a Lost Kid

ASF Conference

so tomorrow…. we might or might not go to the ASF Conference¬†ya.. neh? as a friend of mine would say ‘T’s are T” which means “Times are Tough”

Times really are tough we thought we would have raised R 23 000 but we are R2 000 shy… not bad I’d say but the school will not see it that way, and add the R 2000 thats about $200 for my international readers (not that there are any ūüė¶ )¬†

blog later kids hope fully with good news


I have a concience… or do i


Taxi in the mean streets of Cape Town

So I was on a taxi from Bellville to Cape Town R20 (considering the economy that’s like $2) in hand. Got in as the taxi was about to get full, paid and waited for change as i did not know how much a trip to Cape Town cost. The conductor could have given me R1 and I wouldn’t have known any better

The conductor gave everyone change except for me.. I reminded him about my change, he responded with a “I got you”. Along the way another passenger got in and also paid using a R20 note. taxi travels for a few meters and the conductor hands me R10 change… I’m like cool.. got my change back.

The the second passenger gets off a few meters down the road and start arguing about change… I’m holding the R10 thinking should I say something? after their argument the conductor got in and said to me “I still owe you R8” then it hit me… but should I say something…? naahhh

So I paid R2 for a trip from Bellville to Cape Town,  btw way all guilt evaporated when i thought about how much the taxi industry balls (that is slang for they are raking in the money) plus these taxi operator are as rude as the rudest person you know

Sore Loser

My room mate is such a sore loser… a couple of weeks ago he got touched (that means i hurt his feeling) by the fact that i do not believe Spartacus was ever a real person

So he was yapping about how Spartacus was awesome and stuff… honestly the show fell off after season 1… anyways I blurted out “I don’t believe Spartacus was actually real”. He got so hurt you’d swear i said “Dude you’re a liar!… you have no credibility…. you suck!” ok¬†admittedly I cannot be mean. Anyways he then rebutted by saying “If Spartacus was not real then I do not believe Jesus was real”¬†

I had a blank stare for a moment… not wanting to get in an argument I said “Okay, good for you”

Seeing he’s statement had no effect on me he then went on to say “If I don’t believe in Spartacus then I don’t believe in Jesus” pause…. how the hell did we get to¬†discussing¬†my religious beliefs? ¬†So I was like “Dude, I never said anything about Jesus” then he said.. “but that’s what you meant because stories about Jesus were written and stories about Spartacus were written”

I decided to concede I cannot comprehend his understanding… you know when someone does not want to agree to disagree… and does not want to be convinced otherwise.. what do you do?


I know Inception is a relatively old movie. I recently watched it for the second time after revelations of whether Cobb was dreaming or not in the final scene.

The spin top did not stop… and I bet Chris Nolan ended the movie like that just for kicks… ok but why am I writing this blog… a friend led me to this post on


Which got me thinking‚Ķ well from watching it again its true Cobb has his ring only when he is dreaming, but that is irrelevant‚Ķ. Watching the movie 1st time was enough to know he was not dreaming‚Ķ. because when Saito fell into limbo, Cobb as promised went in after him to remind him he was dreaming and he has to wake up  although Cobb finally found him decades later as he had aged significantly.

He found Saito, Saito shot Cobb, and shot himself, to wake up in the plane. Saito made the call and was granted entry in the US of A. His father then picked him up at the airport, brought his kids to him…. What was there to doubt.

I bet it was 1 idiot who got confused and then confused the whole world with him… whether the spin top continued or not was irrelevant, as we knew he was awake the entire time.

Until my next blog peace!!

Pageant contestant

Yes you read right I have entered a beauty pageant

I’ve always been a shy person and kinda not confident around ladies so last year I decided to enter a pageant but was too late… in retrospect I never really wanted it… this rather than live like YOLO I wanna live with no regrets no what ifs I am young and I already have too many what ifs

Either you blog or you don’t

I know this may sound hypocritical of me but it annoys me when people just start a blog… have three post and quit, and not quit as in close your account… they just stop.

think of that username you just took some1 else might be doing something great with it

Now why is this hypocritical? Well because i too have been neglecting this blog, at least i have a good reason you see i have two blogs so its kinda hard consistently blogging on two blogs.
The worst part is I forgot why i have two blogs… accept for the fact that i wanted my username to be associated with me all across the interweb…

enough rambling for one morning… later

A Man of my Word

In life I want people to be able to take my word and be able to bank on it… i don’t know if that’s even a real phrase.

Last year the value of my word took a knock when I said I would enter a pageant but then I backed out.

You know once you stop believing what someone says it takes a while before you can take them seriously again.

So this year imma enter a pageant then after I’ve entered imma announce it

some of you may be asking isn’t this an announcement well since no1 ever logs onto g plus or reads my blog

I think my plans are safe

Look a man dead in his eyes
So he know you talk truth when you speak it,
give your word, keep it
¬†¬†¬† –¬†¬†¬† Jay Z

Day 2

Its day two of lent and I have so kept away from the addiction I am trying to manage… (It has gotten out of control)

To eat I have had two packet of chips a coke, and some cookies….. wow thats alot, will cut down for tomorrow

Valentines Ball

So they’re throwing a Valentines ball here at school… but here is the weird part.. a double tickect is R15 whilst a single ticket is R20

This makes no sense as why would even a single person buy a single ticket, where as they could buy a double and still go alone.. its cheaper which erver way you look at it, its not like you are obliged to get a date

we lonely guys have learn’t to deal with it, i am going for the food

Can’t work

Here I am trying to be a good student, tryna do my work and BANG!.¬†In front¬†of me is a hot chick… 30 mins have passed and productivity is zero.

In all fairness to her I chose to sit across her.. now I am discovering that was not 1 of my brightest ideas.

I would upload a picture of her¬†but it is illegal to take photos without permission… that and i would seem rather creepy.

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