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Social Media is a Drug

I recently watched both Fyre Festival documentaries (Hulu and Netflix), and my goodness the power of social media is undeniable. The Hulu delved more into the power of social media, maybe this is because it was not produced by a social media marketing company.

Anyways when watching the Hulu documentary I felt a little disgusted and dirty at how our lives are so plugged into social media. What was meant to be a tool to keep in touch with people far and morphed into a mind-manipulation monster that we keep feeding into.

I remember the Hulu documentary saying millennials spend 2 hours a day on social media… I was shocked at how true that was, just by looking at my own social media consumption.

I thought unplugging would be easy, but when FOMO got the best of me I knew I was addicted. It also not helpful when facebook sends you an email saying you have 29 new notifications, a record number of notifications for me, only to find out none of those notification are in anyway of my concern, nor am I party to the content I am being notified of. Now I just feel angry for being tricked by facebook into logging on.

Anyways I have decided to unplug, I deleted my Twitter and Instagram apps, I have however kept messenger lite in case I need to get hold of someone on facebook.

Lets see how long my social media blackout will last ๐Ÿ˜…


Job hunting

I am sitting and think, you know what job hunting is a costly exercise, where one needs an actual job to be able to look for a job.

I am thinking about the cost to scan a document in Mthatha is twice the price to photocopy a page… I actually asked the guy at the internet cafรฉ, why is it so. My argument was, there are less consumables when scanning a page rather than making a copy of it.

I argued when making a copy, electricity, ink and paper are consumed. Whereas when you scan only electricity is consumed as the resultant product is in electronic format. To my amazement they guy said a scan consumes toner I was left befuddled. And I left.

All in all job hunting is expensive.

Survivor South Africa: Philippines Episode 3

The Fallout


Drawing rocks went in the way of the minority alliance, Ace at this stage is such a flip flopper that taking him to the end would mean one less person to worry about at tribal council, no one likes a flipper especially if said flipper wasn’t pulling the strings. Tom is livid… It’s just a game… For a million rands but he should really look at the bright side rather Neil than himself.

The minority alliance, tried to extend an olive branch but The Big 4 wasn’t having it… A team that disjointed can expect to keep losing. Ace tried to explain his action, surely he should now that is the last thing his Big 4 or 5 compatriots want to hear… It the game they should get over it.


PK is still fishing about the “all-girl” alliance, if the girls do not regroup and assert their authority, they can kiss their alliance goodbye

The Challenges

The reward challenge has immunity idols for both tribes, there really isn’t anything hidden about the idols and those in the know should just out right take them… The immunity idol is a gift and a curse as it puts a target around one’s back and is also a shield of that target.

I must say when Palesa jumped off or fell I thought, she was going for the immunity idol, but nope, she played it cool. On the other side good ol’ Pastor Werner did what had to be done and with conviction jumped off got the idol, easy does it. Tom instructs Chanรฉ to grab Luzon’s immunity idol, Chanรฉ should keep it for herself, but decides to hand it over to Tom. Luzon’s won

Back at camp Tom proclaims he’d play the idol for the girls… Bold move… I wouldn’t be too liberal with promises in this game.

At Mindanao, Werner shares the information that he has found the immunity idol, it’s a good move and claims it is for the team… Now he just has to keep his ear on the ground for a possible blindside

Mindanao is tempting the Survivor gods, you do not throw a challenge on survivor

The Aftermath

Mindanao threw the challenge, I must say Nico not going closely to check if the puzzle is correct sucks, he must go full Jeff Probst

Stacy-Lee wants to quit, that’s disheartening as there are people sitting at home who want that shot at playing Survivor and not only did they throw a challenge but in the same episode there is a quitter ๐Ÿ˜ช

Tribal Council

Stacey-Lee goes home, Marthunis caught feelings as he was not aware of the ruse… What is hilarious is the fact that Marthunis is genuinely confused… Marthunis is definitely not socially aware, either that or he is a very good actor

Survivor South Africa: Philippines Episode 2

From the preview, Seamus was voted out, which is terrible, because of the castaways, he really seemed like a survivor fan and knew how to play the game, his downfall how ever was his eagerness, which made him a threat. No one wants to play with a “pro” and his know how made him dangerous, because other castaways would never feel safe with him around,

The Fallout


Fresh from tribal council the 5 people who voted out Seamus made their alliance official and christened themselves the Big 5, I am guessing Tom and Niel are the Buffalo and Elephant respectively, Chanรฉ is the lioness because she engineered the Seamus blindside, I am left with the Rhino an leopard, but Ace isn’t any of those unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜ญ,

Moving on, on the other side there are the losers who have been isolated and from the get go they have identified Ace as a weak link in the alliance, which shows they have some fight and are already looking to bring balance to the game


For me, I feel Mindanao is adopting a loser’s mentality by deciding who goes next having not lost an immunity challenge, that also gives the target time to catch wind of the plot and make a plan… The are having conversations they should not be having, at this point they should be solidifying alliances making everyone comfortable



The reward was an option between chickens or rice, Jeanne sat out for Mindanao, I would have love to know if those chickens were egg laying hens. Even with Murishca’s tardiness, Mindanao won the challenge

After the challenge Katinka spills the beans of an all girl alliance, an all girl alliance shouldn’t surprise anyone, if you watch survivor you know, most of the time the girls will have that idea, that is why you have to watch their numbers ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


Katinka sat out for Mindanao, as they blew past Luzon, at this point they should just call themselves “Luzers” get it? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

The Aftermath


Luzers lost again, and Ace feels, he is not being heard and allowed to shine in the challenges. I can’t say I agree or disagree because I don’t remember him in the challenges. Annalize says she’s the Lion of the big 5, but she herself crowned Chanรฉ the queen of the jungle earlier in the episode ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ. Anyways, Tom throws Josie’s name in the hat, and Neil (the PK to Tom’s Tevin) agrees. I underestimated Palesa when I first saw her… But her last ditch bluff is a work of genius, and the timing they hatch up is quite lovely as they aim to sow doubt in Ace’s mind. Josie and Vusi’s are now making Ace the Lion ๐Ÿฆ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚, and Ace is buying what they are selling, classic survivor scrambling.

Tribal Council

Luzon rightly points out they lack communication in challenges hence they lose challenges. Tom suggests they need an authoritative voice, a leader, to which Nico suggests they elect one at tribal council. This is tricky because a leader, like a soccer coach shoulders the responsibility of the team’s performance. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a leader and apparently neither would Tom, as he nominated Neil, to which he was unanimously elected. Neil points out the downside to being a “leader” which is smart as you do not want to them to think they can just shift blame.

Ace starts dithering on his alliance, 5 vs 3, and you are not the target should an immunity idol be played, why is this guy uncertain ๐Ÿ˜’. This is not to say I am not rooting for Palesa at Luzon

Ace hangs his head as he realizes Palesa’s bluff

It’s a tie and there is a revote, now its either you remain loyal and draw rocks or you flip like a fish out of water, Ace I believe this is your speciality. Uncharacteristically Ace, stays loyal and it’s a tie again to which Captain Neil, draws the white rock and sinks like his Titanic of a team… Which really sucked for him but was a beautiful reprieve for Palesa, Josie & Vusi.

In case you are wondering I personally was going to flip on the second vote, and the only way I would go to rocks is if someone on the other side also flips ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Survivor South Africa

So some time last year I decided to enter Survivor South Africa: Philippines… Which is the Sixth season of the South African version of the American TV show by the same name just without the “South Africa” part ๐Ÿ˜‚

Needless to say that I was not cast ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ, but that is fine. Let me also mention it is the 1st season I have watched because its on cable TV, and this is the 1st time I have had access to cable TV

I like the show so I have decided to dust open my blog and write my thoughts about it, hope you will enjoy it, my first blog will be of episode 2 because I do not have access to the first episode nor can I remember what happened,


Service Delivery

Service delivery is not only the government giving free services to peopleโ€ฆ Yesterday I went to make a booking to for my driving licence test.. got there within office hours and I was then told they only process applications at 7amโ€ฆ. and after nine am they only help people within the precinctโ€ฆ which led me to ask myself what do they then do after 12 noon.

It is not as if a licence is free. the bloody thing cost R350 the least they can do is stick to their office hours and work accordingly. They are not doing me a favour by being thereโ€ฆ they are paid!

Rockstar Life

Yeah I’m saying it I’m a rock star… but I alsom should mention I am a kak, friend…

anyways I got off from work, not knowing to watch the Bafana game, transport from the stadium, was going to be a problem. but FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)got the better of me… this is the part I explain how I am a kak friend, at around 17:00 I called a friend and we agreed we are going to the stadium, 30 minutes later having found out that there won’t be transport back from the game so i decided to cancel our plans, the FOMO got the better of me when I got to Cape Town CBD, I immediately tried to get hold of my friend his phone was off… tred calling like 20 times (no lie). 30 minutes before kick-off (on my 23rd try) I finally got a hold of him and i could tell he was pissed.

back to the Rock Star part, I got off work, went to the game, went clubbing in long street till the morning and went to work the next day, like a boss!

Culpable Homicide

wow… what I understand from this term is that: it is the unfortunate death of a human being, at the hands of another, where there was no intention to kill or harm the deceased.

For example, you are street racing, you lose control of your car, you hit school kids, that is culpable homicide (remember Jub-Jub)

you are at a shooting range, shooting range shooting at targets, the bullet ricochets and hits an innocent by-stander, that maybe culpable homicide.

Drunk driving, you lose control of your car and you kill someone.

I am talking about the Oscar Pistorius Trial, the facts are:

  • Oscar heard a noise
  • Oscar took a loaded gun, loaded with black talon bullets
  • Oscar walked or stumped to the bathroom
  • Oscar aimed at the door
  • Whether startled or not, he shot at a closed, locked door, not once, not twice (given the “double-tap” story) but four times.

If in your book that was culpable homicide? I do not know.Oscar

Morning Roast

Yesterday, another colleague asked me “how’s the coffee, i think they bought new beans” my response was, “tastes like coffee, isn’t coffee, coffee, coffee?” i inquired

shocked dismayed and offend, he looked. I have come to realise there are levels to this coffee thing, i’ll start paying attention to the tastes, maybe i might just find the perfect roast


TRAINing Day

Hehehe, lol I’m not laughing, so I’m waiting for a train in Plumstead, listening to some music, “Wake Me Up” by Avicii is playing, I drift off into a little slumber, I open my eyes the people i was waiting with are nowhere to be seen and my train is leaving station and I’m not on it, and it’s like the train is riding off into the sunset… Amusing reallyI

I could be angry because I woke up early only to arrive just on time for work… But the irony of it all was just too amusing, stuff… My training days.

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