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Colleague Drama

Yikaka yomntu lo ndisebenza naye shame soze ndiyithande le tshep!

Well basically this is a mini rant about of how much of a shit person my colleague is… If you did not know today is Casual Day in South Africa, Its a fundraising initiative for people living with disabilities. It happens on the first Friday of September each year.

I love it when people put money toward good causes… anyways being hit with the FOMO(Fear of missing out) bug my colleague runs to me not for guidance but to somehow make himself feel better, he’s like “you should go buy a Casual Day sticker and dress up, like everyone else in the office” I told him I never dress up for casual day but I always buy a sticker. mostly because I most of the time can’t dress up for as the theme never matches with what i’ve got in my wardrobe. He then runs to buy a sticker because he didn’t know how to go about just getting one without an excuse.

That is not what peeved me off, he then comes taking pics of himself and his sticker to act like the man -___-


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