The Life and Times…

Memoirs of a Lost Kid

Survivor South Africa: Philippines Episode 3

The Fallout


Drawing rocks went in the way of the minority alliance, Ace at this stage is such a flip flopper that taking him to the end would mean one less person to worry about at tribal council, no one likes a flipper especially if said flipper wasn’t pulling the strings. Tom is livid… It’s just a game… For a million rands but he should really look at the bright side rather Neil than himself.

The minority alliance, tried to extend an olive branch but The Big 4 wasn’t having it… A team that disjointed can expect to keep losing. Ace tried to explain his action, surely he should now that is the last thing his Big 4 or 5 compatriots want to hear… It the game they should get over it.


PK is still fishing about the “all-girl” alliance, if the girls do not regroup and assert their authority, they can kiss their alliance goodbye

The Challenges

The reward challenge has immunity idols for both tribes, there really isn’t anything hidden about the idols and those in the know should just out right take them… The immunity idol is a gift and a curse as it puts a target around one’s back and is also a shield of that target.

I must say when Palesa jumped off or fell I thought, she was going for the immunity idol, but nope, she played it cool. On the other side good ol’ Pastor Werner did what had to be done and with conviction jumped off got the idol, easy does it. Tom instructs Chané to grab Luzon’s immunity idol, Chané should keep it for herself, but decides to hand it over to Tom. Luzon’s won

Back at camp Tom proclaims he’d play the idol for the girls… Bold move… I wouldn’t be too liberal with promises in this game.

At Mindanao, Werner shares the information that he has found the immunity idol, it’s a good move and claims it is for the team… Now he just has to keep his ear on the ground for a possible blindside

Mindanao is tempting the Survivor gods, you do not throw a challenge on survivor

The Aftermath

Mindanao threw the challenge, I must say Nico not going closely to check if the puzzle is correct sucks, he must go full Jeff Probst

Stacy-Lee wants to quit, that’s disheartening as there are people sitting at home who want that shot at playing Survivor and not only did they throw a challenge but in the same episode there is a quitter 😪

Tribal Council

Stacey-Lee goes home, Marthunis caught feelings as he was not aware of the ruse… What is hilarious is the fact that Marthunis is genuinely confused… Marthunis is definitely not socially aware, either that or he is a very good actor


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