The Life and Times…

Memoirs of a Lost Kid

Rockstar Life

Yeah I’m saying it I’m a rock star… but I alsom should mention I am a kak, friend…

anyways I got off from work, not knowing to watch the Bafana game, transport from the stadium, was going to be a problem. but FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)got the better of me… this is the part I explain how I am a kak friend, at around 17:00 I called a friend and we agreed we are going to the stadium, 30 minutes later having found out that there won’t be transport back from the game so i decided to cancel our plans, the FOMO got the better of me when I got to Cape Town CBD, I immediately tried to get hold of my friend his phone was off… tred calling like 20 times (no lie). 30 minutes before kick-off (on my 23rd try) I finally got a hold of him and i could tell he was pissed.

back to the Rock Star part, I got off work, went to the game, went clubbing in long street till the morning and went to work the next day, like a boss!


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