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Memoirs of a Lost Kid

Culpable Homicide

wow… what I understand from this term is that: it is the unfortunate death of a human being, at the hands of another, where there was no intention to kill or harm the deceased.

For example, you are street racing, you lose control of your car, you hit school kids, that is culpable homicide (remember Jub-Jub)

you are at a shooting range, shooting range shooting at targets, the bullet ricochets and hits an innocent by-stander, that maybe culpable homicide.

Drunk driving, you lose control of your car and you kill someone.

I am talking about the Oscar Pistorius Trial, the facts are:

  • Oscar heard a noise
  • Oscar took a loaded gun, loaded with black talon bullets
  • Oscar walked or stumped to the bathroom
  • Oscar aimed at the door
  • Whether startled or not, he shot at a closed, locked door, not once, not twice (given the “double-tap” story) but four times.

If in your book that was culpable homicide? I do not know.Oscar


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