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Memoirs of a Lost Kid

I have a concience… or do i


Taxi in the mean streets of Cape Town

So I was on a taxi from Bellville to Cape Town R20 (considering the economy that’s like $2) in hand. Got in as the taxi was about to get full, paid and waited for change as i did not know how much a trip to Cape Town cost. The conductor could have given me R1 and I wouldn’t have known any better

The conductor gave everyone change except for me.. I reminded him about my change, he responded with a “I got you”. Along the way another passenger got in and also paid using a R20 note. taxi travels for a few meters and the conductor hands me R10 change… I’m like cool.. got my change back.

The the second passenger gets off a few meters down the road and start arguing about change… I’m holding the R10 thinking should I say something? after their argument the conductor got in and said to me “I still owe you R8” then it hit me… but should I say something…? naahhh

So I paid R2 for a trip from Bellville to Cape Town,  btw way all guilt evaporated when i thought about how much the taxi industry balls (that is slang for they are raking in the money) plus these taxi operator are as rude as the rudest person you know


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