The Life and Times…

Memoirs of a Lost Kid

Sore Loser

My room mate is such a sore loser… a couple of weeks ago he got touched (that means i hurt his feeling) by the fact that i do not believe Spartacus was ever a real person

So he was yapping about how Spartacus was awesome and stuff… honestly the show fell off after season 1… anyways I blurted out “I don’t believe Spartacus was actually real”. He got so hurt you’d swear i said “Dude you’re a liar!… you have no credibility…. you suck!” ok admittedly I cannot be mean. Anyways he then rebutted by saying “If Spartacus was not real then I do not believe Jesus was real” 

I had a blank stare for a moment… not wanting to get in an argument I said “Okay, good for you”

Seeing he’s statement had no effect on me he then went on to say “If I don’t believe in Spartacus then I don’t believe in Jesus” pause…. how the hell did we get to discussing my religious beliefs?  So I was like “Dude, I never said anything about Jesus” then he said.. “but that’s what you meant because stories about Jesus were written and stories about Spartacus were written”

I decided to concede I cannot comprehend his understanding… you know when someone does not want to agree to disagree… and does not want to be convinced otherwise.. what do you do?


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