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I know Inception is a relatively old movie. I recently watched it for the second time after revelations of whether Cobb was dreaming or not in the final scene.

The spin top did not stop… and I bet Chris Nolan ended the movie like that just for kicks… ok but why am I writing this blog… a friend led me to this post on


Which got me thinking… well from watching it again its true Cobb has his ring only when he is dreaming, but that is irrelevant…. Watching the movie 1st time was enough to know he was not dreaming…. because when Saito fell into limbo, Cobb as promised went in after him to remind him he was dreaming and he has to wake up  although Cobb finally found him decades later as he had aged significantly.

He found Saito, Saito shot Cobb, and shot himself, to wake up in the plane. Saito made the call and was granted entry in the US of A. His father then picked him up at the airport, brought his kids to him…. What was there to doubt.

I bet it was 1 idiot who got confused and then confused the whole world with him… whether the spin top continued or not was irrelevant, as we knew he was awake the entire time.

Until my next blog peace!!


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