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Pageant contestant

Yes you read right I have entered a beauty pageant

I’ve always been a shy person and kinda not confident around ladies so last year I decided to enter a pageant but was too late… in retrospect I never really wanted it… this rather than live like YOLO I wanna live with no regrets no what ifs I am young and I already have too many what ifs


Either you blog or you don’t

I know this may sound hypocritical of me but it annoys me when people just start a blog… have three post and quit, and not quit as in close your account… they just stop.

think of that username you just took some1 else might be doing something great with it

Now why is this hypocritical? Well because i too have been neglecting this blog, at least i have a good reason you see i have two blogs so its kinda hard consistently blogging on two blogs.
The worst part is I forgot why i have two blogs… accept for the fact that i wanted my username to be associated with me all across the interweb…

enough rambling for one morning… later

A Man of my Word

In life I want people to be able to take my word and be able to bank on it… i don’t know if that’s even a real phrase.

Last year the value of my word took a knock when I said I would enter a pageant but then I backed out.

You know once you stop believing what someone says it takes a while before you can take them seriously again.

So this year imma enter a pageant then after I’ve entered imma announce it

some of you may be asking isn’t this an announcement well since no1 ever logs onto g plus or reads my blog

I think my plans are safe

Look a man dead in his eyes
So he know you talk truth when you speak it,
give your word, keep it
    –    Jay Z

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