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Day 2

Its day two of lent and I have so kept away from the addiction I am trying to manage… (It has gotten out of control)

To eat I have had two packet of chips a coke, and some cookies….. wow thats alot, will cut down for tomorrow


Valentines Ball

So they’re throwing a Valentines ball here at school… but here is the weird part.. a double tickect is R15 whilst a single ticket is R20

This makes no sense as why would even a single person buy a single ticket, where as they could buy a double and still go alone.. its cheaper which erver way you look at it, its not like you are obliged to get a date

we lonely guys have learn’t to deal with it, i am going for the food

Can’t work

Here I am trying to be a good student, tryna do my work and BANG!. In front of me is a hot chick… 30 mins have passed and productivity is zero.

In all fairness to her I chose to sit across her.. now I am discovering that was not 1 of my brightest ideas.

I would upload a picture of her but it is illegal to take photos without permission… that and i would seem rather creepy.

On a serious note

How do I customize this thing…. and i am not talking about themes and cool stuff like that. I want to edit the big title at the top first of all my name has a small letter at the front and secondly i want to change the title completely without changing my url. If I do not figure this out within a week I am going back to blogspot.

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